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- Check out websites affiliated with the Holistic Harmony Network.

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You can View the following previous Webinars on Youtube:

1. Introduction about our Life Coach Training program

2. "The Science of Emotions"

3a. Self Acceptance (in two parts) Part 1 Self Acceptance

3b. Part 2 Self Acceptance "

4. OVERCOMING FEAR WEBINAR =============================================

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1. Seven Steps to
Making a Difference in an Indifferent World

2. Eight Step Process for Manifesting Goals and Inner Potential

3. Accept yourself and others.

4. Communicating with our Children

5. The Truth about Freedom

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Welcome to HolisticHarmony.com, your online guide to Life Clarification. At the Holistic Harmony Network, you will find a plethora of resources and methods through which you can create a healthier, happier more harmonious life. As a guest you can benefit from the articles of the month as well as order books and cassettes dedicated to guiding to you towards improving your life. As members in addition you have access to hundreds of articles and whole books shedding light on health issues, psychology, communication, self help, philosophy and spirituality. You are also eligible for the Life Clarification Process through which our questions guide you personally to your answers and inner wisdom.

Testimonials about our
Life Coach Training

The first stage of the Life Coach course has taught me more than I could ever imagine. I learned so much about myself and why I react the way I do...and about others and their emotions. I can't wait to start the second stage.
Michele Murphy (USA)

Dear Robert,
I would just like you to know that this course has truly been a life-changing event for me.
In working through the lessons I have learned so much about myself, and others. The way I view things, how my beliefs were created and so much more. I truly do not believe I would have learned this much or been able to work through so much without the benefit of these lessons. I feel more peace than I have felt in years and it continues to get better. The way I relate to the whole world has been improved. Learning how to pass this gift to others who may need it is a great blessing that I don't have sufficient words to express.
Your patience and your support is wonderful. As busy as you are with your work, the other students in this course and everything else you have going on, I have still felt as if I alone have truly mattered. Any courses I have ever taken, any professional I have worked one on one with, has never seemed to care or take the personal interest as you have. The comments, suggestions, and questions of this class have been at your highest priority and it shows in every new lesson throughout this course. Thank you. Thank God for you and the work that you do. Best Regards,
Tracy Togliatti (USA)

Robert Najemy's Life Coach training, has helped me to put greater order in my thinking, my emotions and realize how much my beliefs are affecting the way I feel and act in life. His training is exceptionally well structured, it takes you from A. to B. without leaving anything unclear or unexplained.
Each lesson provides an opportunity to deepen up the theory and is always accompanied with a chance to put it into practice. I felt throughout the training, that Robert was there for me to provide the help that I needed at times. His advice is always very supportive and fostering to my self-confidence.
Thanks again, with my love, Marina. (Canada)

I have found the course excellent in terms of content as well as structure. It treats the entire subject of human relationships - and why they fail, and what can be done to enhance them - in a manner that is direct and concise while at the same time not lacking in any way. It is a revelation, in more ways than one, of the cause-and-effect nature of the workings of the human mind that produce different kinds of realities or relationship situations. Understanding the subject and the process, and putting it into practice, leads to greater harmony. It actually expands your consciousness!!! Thanks once again, Robert.
Vivian (Indian)

I think this course is great. It gives a chance to work on ourselves and help ourselves and others in a very structured way, guiding us from where to start and what to do next. It also explains in a very thorough way what happens in every one of us and where the problems often lie. I especially like all the different questions that we can put to ourselves and others, as it really leads to a greater clarification and self-knowledge. I'm very satisfied with the course and eagerly wait for follow-up. Love,
Katarina (Croatian)

There are no words to describe the usefulness of Holistic Harmony Life Coach Training. The least I can express is how grateful I personally feel, for Robert Najemy and his efforts for so many years, towards helping people develop their true self. His courses have been an inspiration for my personal revolution and an indispensable guide towards helping my clients. God bless you with Love, Light and Strength.
Maria Peppa (Greek)

This course has led me to some very valuable insights. My all time favorite was during a chat session with a fellow student. At the time I was very angry, most of the time with almost all of the people in my 12-step support group. They were triggering a lot of anger & frustration in me every time they did something that I considered to be "STUPID". I was constantly trying to analyze just what it was about this "STUPID" behavior that irritated me so much? I kept playing things over & over in my head & I just couldnŐt figure it outÉI mean other peopleŐs "STUPID" behavior didnŐt even really affect me, but just watching them walk through it bugged me & that didnŐt make any sense! Finally, during a chat session, my partner asked me the simple, innocent question Đ "Is it their behavior that bothers you, or the fact that you are powerless over what they are doing?"

Wow! I was shocked! That was the key to solving my problem. Of course this went back to my childhood when my younger brother would to "STUPID" things that made my mother fly into a rage & then someone got hurt. As the oldest it was my responsibility to keep things running smoothly so that no one would get hurt, but I could never control my brother. One simple little question, so much insight. And it was the Holistic Harmony Life Coach Training class that taught us the questions to ask. I have received many valuable tools to use that will lead me to a happier & more self-empowering life. I am looking forward to using these valuable tools in my own life and to help others. Thank you so very much!
Denise T (USA)

After only a few months of trying to learn active listening, I did not feel very confident about my skills in this field. However, on one occasion with a person that is very close to me I couldn't help but use the technique when she referred to a problem that is bothering her very much. And miraculously - it worked. She solved her problem and is now very happy about it Love
Christel (German)

More Information about Becoming a Holistic Harmony Life Coach

Testimonials about our
other seminars

   "I have stopped blaming others for what happens to me. I try to take responsibility for my actions. I perceive others with more love and understanding. I have improved my eating habits, I exercise and relax. I now have spiritual interests."

     - Eleni Athanasiou, 34 yrs. Doctor

   "My life had no meaning. I was unhappy, self destructive, unsatisfied and aggressive. Through these seminars and these techniques, I have become a new person. I feel full, optimistic, happy with a love towards life. I have been reborn. I thought I was weak and a victim of fate. Now I feel strong and capable for anything that a person can do. An something even more important, I have started to feel love."

     - Anna Karachaliou, 33 yrs. Artist, Poet

   "My life has changed radically through these seminars. The first time I attended I was lost in my daily problems and responsibilities. These seminars helped me see my life more clearly. I now better understand my self and others. I now experience within me Christ's teachings and I have put them into practice in my daily life through service to the whole. Now problems are no longer problems, but rather opportunities for inner development, growth and service."
     - Victoria Fanti, 54 yrs. Pediatrician

You May Be Able To Use Us To

1. Create Emotional Harmony
2. Improve your health
3. Develop inner peace
4. Resolve inner conflicts
5. Communicate more effectively and Harmoniously
6. Open your heart to love
7. Accept and love your self more
8. Develop self confidence
9. Cultivate Higher virtues
10. Obtain greater Self Knowledge
11. Deal with challenging tests
12. Understand what Life is asking you to learn
13. Develop your own personal philosophy of life
14. Clarify your value system
15. Make decisions
16. Strengthen the truth within
17. Increase your creativity
18. Become a happier person
19. Overcome fears
20. Remove blockages towards manifesting dreams
21. Improve your meditation
22. Deal with death, yours or loved ones
23. Free yourself from old emotional games
24. Let go of the past and future
25. Accept your life as it is
26. Develop your relationship with the Divine

And many others ways you might think of.



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